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From now on, I'll be blogging in English also. I don't think I'll translate every post, because my English is not perfect and my texts always include lots of professional words and stuff you can only say in Finnish (and I'm kind of lazy sometimes), but I'll try my best and write at least little something in English. I'll tag "in English" for every post I translate, so you'll be able to browse them easily,

So, I'm Mad Dressmaker (irl Sini), Finnish lady in her twenties. I'm a professional dressmaker but I also call my job a hobby, because I love it and I sew a lot at home. This blog is pretty much about sewing, but sometimes I write about other subjects, like my other hobbies, too. I usually call myself a punk, because that fits best for my style and ideas. I love studs and spikes and I go to punk gigs (mostly small, hardcore Finnish bands) and of course think that I'm best the way I am, no matter what anyone else says. And I just loo-o-ove my mohawk! It's so tall, that it sometimes reaches roof and I have trouble fitting in elevator and bus without kneeling down a little bit :D
But I also love Japanese lolita style with frills, bows and cute stuff. And steampunk, and costume history... my style is a huge mix of everything I found pretty or cool. Oh, and I'm a brony, or a pegasister, as some tend to think I can't call myself a brony because I'm a woman. I'm not so sure how this goes in English language, but for example, in Finland we call plumber "putkimies" which precisely translates as a pipeman. So, if I were a blumper, I would be a -male no matter if I'm woman or not. That's why I don't make difference whether I'm brony or pegasister. I'm just a brony. I collect colorful little ponies and watch the show (5th season has been pretty nice so far). Less rant, more photos! This is who I am:

A siren at Desucon Frostbite 2015. Corset and tutu are handmade by me. Photo by Kyuu Eturautti.
Her Royal Majesty. Gown handmade by me. Photo by my brother, my cousin did the hair.
A pirate. Costume handmade by me.
Desucon 2014! Corset and tutu are handmade by me. Photo by Janna Hyvärinen
I love pop corn! Dress handmade by me, hat modified by me. I sometimes style my mohawk pretty girlish, the curls are best.
I also like anime, manga and cosplay. I have cosplayed only once so far, but that was so fun that I'm definitely doing it again! My first character was Moogle from Final Fantasy game series. I made it for Desucon Frostbite, which I visited on this February. I'm also a gamer. I usually don't play video games every day, but sometimes PS3 is my best friend and I won't leave the house for three days. I just purchased it on January, but I have been playing video games since childhood. I love them.

Moogle at Desucon Frostbite 2015. Costume handmade and modified (shoes) by me.
Right now I'm working at a costume rental store, which is like paradise to me. We offer all kinds of costumes for the parties and masquerades, but also all kinds of accessories, formal dress for men and national costumes of Finland for both sexes and children. Unfortunately I won't be working on there starting from August, beacause this was only a temporary job. But for sixteen months I had the best job in the world! My work includes lots of responsibilites, since we have only two workers in house at the time and there are thousands of costumes to take care of. My official title is wardrobe administrator, so I'm washing, repairing and loving all of our costumes. We also sell make-up, hats, wigs and stuff. But best part of my job is making new costumes and accessories. 

I have finished a lot of costumes and very useful clothes (like pirate shirts), and now I'm very busy, since I wanna create as much cool outfits as I still can! Most of costumes in our rental store are made for theaters and school plays and are pretty old also, so making new costumes and creating more fresh look is eternal work. From the start it was clear that I'll never have time to make everything I want. So at first I charted the basics: what we really needed and what kind of costumes people were asking. The answer was clear. My first mission was make as many plus size costumes as possible. since we did not really have many. Not quite everything needed to be plus size, but costumes had to fit to a bit larger or normal adults. Most of the costumes in house were made for teenagers or small adults. Some of them are vintage, which are very small size. We also had need for 1900's decades, like hippy trousers, 50's dresses, 80's neon colors and stuff. So, here are some of costumes I've made so far! And because I'm plus size lady, I can sometimes fix the costumes on me and do the modelling :D 
Photos: Anne-Mari Kuronen, Maria Loikala and me

Princess Leia
Witch dress for Halloween
We call her Madame Red, and she is great for pirates and saloon damsels.
Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Circus costume, Lollipop
Queen of Hearts
Hat to Mad Hatter
We usually have at least one trainee in house. They are mostly dressmaker students, and they help me creating costumes. The ones that are professional enough can make whole costumes, but I always design costumes, pick right fabrics and create patterns or help creating them. And of course tutor all the way sewing them, if needed. That's why I'm not posting pictures of every costume I have designed, since I did not do the sewing. But sometimes I do theme photoshoots, so I'll post pictures of costumes which are not made by me. In such case I always mention it, or simply place watermark "Kostyymi" in photos. This is a sewing blog after all, so I find this pretty reasonable. For example, Madame Red's corset and Aurora's skirt are sewn by trainees. I don't like the idea giving trainees only boring jobs like cleaning, ironing, and sewing only loosen buttons in place. Without practice they won't learn anything, so I'm happy to help them on their studies and they are really helpful to me also. For example, I made one neon pink tutu and thought that we needed whole color palette of them, since neon colors are pretty useful in our wardrobe. But I was busy doing Alice in Wonderland costumes, so I asked trainee to help - and she happily made four tutus more. And in novadays they don't automatically make garments like corsets in schools or learn practically anything of theatre costumes. Of course their schoolmates will be pretty jealous (in a good way), because this kind of trainee-official worker-relationship is kind of rare in Finland, but at least some of them will have a chance actually making something neat in their training time. 

Phew, I quess this is long enough already. I'll post once a month, every two weeks or every time I have something cool to show to you. I hope you have fun in my wonderful world of costumes, frills and attitude!

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